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Rack, Cabinet & Accessories

The best rack for the job
Tongrun`s server racks are compatible with all the leading OEMs. The fully enclosed, secure networking cabinets range in size from 18U to 42U networking racks, and they exceed OEM air flow requirements. Open frame networking racks are an excellent way to optimize cooling and make wiring easy. These racks come in size ranges from 16U to 58U, and they are quick and easy to assemble. Another option is the 2 Post server rack, which works well for large data center installations with a variety of 2 Post and 4 Post rack equipment. For small office spaces, the portable rack that fits under a desk is an ideal, out-of-the way solution. For the harshest of environments, our unique Transport Case Racks feature tough, watertight outer shells, internal shock isolators and convenient square hole mounting points. Also, Tongrun`s networking  racks are conveniently compatible with OEM rail kits.
At Tongrun all of our networking racks and cabinets are user-customizable ensuring that you get the best networking equipment rack for your requirements. It´s easy! Just tell us the size of server rack enclosures you need and select the options you want. If uncertain, utilize our expertise and recommendations until you´re confident you have exactly what you need!


All Networking Racks
Find the right networking rack for you using our Networking Rack Seller. First, select the type of rack you are interested in purchasing. At times, you may even get better deals because these tend to be stocked items and come packaged with the most common requirements. Our Networking Rack Seller allows you to narrow down your search by Type, Style, Height and Depth.
External Height: Determining your correct rack height is extremely important. Not only should you consider both your current and future internal rack space requirements, but please be sure to allow enough room for ceiling clearance and any cabling or site requirements as well as any dock or freight elevator limitations you may have.
Rack Units: With the exception of some legacy equipment, monitors, and keyboards, most networking equipment sold today is intended to be rack mounted. (One Rack Unit) is approximately 1.75" in height, 2U is 3.5" in height, and so on.
42U Racks: 42U Networking Racks are the most common rack height sold for data centers. 42U = 42 Rack Units on your Mounting Rails = 73.5" of rack mount space available. Please note that actual internal and external height vary depending on the rack manufacturer.



Including Accessories & Tech Info
Mounting post: SPCC cold rolled steel 2.0mm
Frame: SPCC cold rolled steel 1.5mm
Front door: SPCC cold rolled steel 1.2mm with tempered glass
Others: SPCC cold rolled steel 1.0mm
Main Structure:

Installing Draft:

Cabinet Parts:

Color of cabinet body:

2- and 4-post racks
Racks are available with either four or two vertical posts. 4-post racks allow for mounting rails to support the equipment at the front and rear. These racks may be open in construction (similar to the traditional open-style 2-post racks), or may be enclosed by front and/or rear doors, side panels, or tops. 2-post racks provide just 2 vertical posts; a piece of equipment can be mounted either via its front panel holes, or close to its center of gravity (to minimize load on its front panel), depending on the design of the rack. 2-post racks are most often used for telecommunication installations.
Networking Rack Accessories
Our Rack Accessories are top quality products designed to be compatible with almost all commercial 2-post racks, 4-post racks, networking racks & cabinets.
          Adjustable fixed shelf                                         Sliding shelf
          Brush panel                          Lock with key                           M6 Gage Nuts set PDU
       19" Germany type                                    19" France type

             19" US type                                                19" UK type

IU digital temperature unit with 4 fans       1U digital temperature unit without fan

All kinds of PDU can be made according to your marker and requirements.
Top 5 Things to consider when Choosing a Networking Rack
Which Networking Rack best meets your needs? Networking Racks are known by several names including computer racks, server cabinets, 19" rack enclosures, network racks, and network equipment enclosures. Regardless of name, these rack enclosures are integral to the success of every organization because they provide the platform that houses the mission-critical equipment your business depends on. Selecting the right networking cabinet will help effectively power, cool, and protect your equipment; keep your business running smoothly by reducing potential downtime; and make the management and organization of your data center more efficient. Here are five things to consider:
1. What is your networking rack cooling strategy?
2. What are your networking cabinet power requirements?
3. What size cabinet does your current equipment require? Have you planned for future growth?
4. Are there any specific security features required?
5. Tailor your server cabinet design to work for you.  Choose the right:  
Top and Side Panels  
Mounting Rails